About Me

Old Man On A Bicycle

jack-kelleherI am a lifelong cyclist, father, and grandfather.  I love to read, write, and fix bikes. I have written stories, poems, and non-fiction pieces since I was a teenager.

During my working years I was a lawyer, law professor, and judge.  I wrote skips full of non-fiction, including a casebook on Contracts, a primer on examination writing, and hundreds of decisions and orders in the lawsuits over which I presided.  All this was good exercise, but did not permit me pursue fiction, my unrequited first love.

Since retiring I have pursued creative writing without having to organize things around a court calendar.   This has been liberating.  I have had three short pieces published to date (December 2014) and  usually have several others looking for a home.  I am working on my first novel, North Coast,  the story of Diana ‘Di’ Riley, a police officer in the California Highway Patrol.

As a cyclist I have enjoyed a lifetime of adventures, taking my first open road cycling trip when I was 10 years old, an overnight camping foray to Doheny State Beach in Southern California.  Since then I have ridden thousands of miles in North America and Ireland, usually accompanied by one or more of my children, another family member, or friend.

I live by myself in a chalet overlooking the Celtic Sea.   If you want to know more about me, read my stories and blogs.  No writer has many secrets.

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