The Usual Suspects and Persons of Interest.

Brendan’s Voyages:        Adventures of an Old Man on a Bicycle


Brompton Bicycles:         Home of the world’s best folding bike


Brilliant Bikes:                 Friendly purveyors of Brompton accessories


Clonakilty Bicycle Festival:       Clon’s annual bicycle bacchanalia


Clonakilty Chocolate:      Allison’s handmade, fair trade chocolate factory


Clonakilty Favour Exchange:    A community of kindness


Doire Press:           West of Ireland publishers of poetry and literary fiction,


Elemental Healing:           Ayurvedic Medicine, Yoga and Mindfulness


Emma Jervis Photography:     Woman with a great eye for people


IFL Science:          Something interesting every time


Justin Grounds:     Composer, musician, and cyclist; Allison’s fiddle player


Maris Freighter Cruises:             High seas adventures


St. Martin’s B&B:       The last homely house in Ireland

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