Monday Night in Shanghai

The illuminated skyscrapers in Pudong cast a neon glow over the city, reminding me of the film Blade Runner,  but the real fun was Yuyuan Park.  It was unlighted and I followed a happy crowd into the tree-lined shadows.  There I discovered intermittent clutches  of people semi-circling big, wide-screen karaoke machines.  They were watching others perform, laughing, clapping, and having great craic.  The only lighting was the big screens and ambient neon glow.

In another section there were people group and couples dancing to vaguely western music. There were young people, old people, and children on roller skates with lighted wheels, everyone smiling and laughing.  Proud owners brought out their fancy doggies to enjoy the fun.  It reminded me of long ago summer nights in Central Park.

I confess that, road weary and wanting familiar food, I dined on steak fajitas at Pizza Hut.  The fajitas weren’t bad, the service good and people friendly – all accomplished by pointing at pictures.  

Shanghai is the Paris of the Orient.

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