Here's some of the tales I've told.

Short Fiction                                                                                       Publication

Little Marie
First Frankie Duncan story

The Thrush Agreed                                                                               ‘Cead Mile Failte’
Frankie has girl trouble                                                                     December 2014

My Sunshine
Charley Pink meets Willie McBride

Father Mike                                                                                            ‘From the Well’
Charley’s guardian angel                                                                   March 2014

Neon Surf
The boys’ bicycle adventure

Ryan’s Livery
Frankie’s special friend

Noah’s Ark
The boys visit San Onofre’s Boneyard

Jolie Blonde
Frankie falls in love

One Clean Shoot
Meet Di Riley, relentless killer

Jungle ambush

The Fisherman’s Woman                                                                    ‘100 Stories’  RTE-1
Very short story – Rachel’s secret                                                      December 2014

Mermaid Princess
Cap’n Johnjo’s Christmas

Sister Rosemary’s Knickers
Meet the Fabulous Parrot Twins

Peener Predmore Sums Up
Campus criminal in the dock

Archie Palmer Sums Up
A wedding melee in old New York

In God We Rust
Iggy Segal’s Last Laugh

Little Oscar
Childhood hero recalled

News from America ~ Reading Glasses
Wedding plans in Rosscarbery


Verse                                                                                                            Publication

Bag Lunch
Goodbye Chenango

Bros Befo’ Hos
Fun in Los Angeles

Brendan’s Woman
Rachel has a secret

A Day in Dublin

Hip, young, and sick

Dating-site lightening

When Blackberries
Old love

Whisky on the Veranda 
Dangerous love



Drama                                                                                                           Publication


Maid Marian for Sheriff
A Halloween masque for children

 Sinead’s Story
Flash drama inspired by McWilliam’s ‘Girl in a Bomb Blast’
Crawford Gallery, Cork City



Novel                                                                                                      Publication

North Coast                                                                                        Under Construction
Di Riley Adventure



Non-Fiction                                                                                                Publication


Contracts Workbook                                                                             Tree Frog Press
Cases & Materials on the Law of Contracts                                  San Diego, 1986

Stalemate – A No-Lose Law Examination Strategy                        Tree Frog Press
Life ring for the first year law student                                          San Diego, 1985

Thanksgiving Remembered
Family Gathering Vignette

Family History                                                                                       Not for Publication
Dueling with Abraham Lincoln & other
Irish adventures in the New World

Autobiography                                                                                       Not for Publication

An old lawyer’s plea in mitigation

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